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Pad Printing Plates

Pad Printing Plates/Clichés
 As clichés or plates for pad printing have very high importance hence selection of proper plates or clichés is extremely critical for quality. The selection of plates or clichés mainly based on nature of pad printing jobs.

Excellent Pad printing results are attributed to the following inputs:

  • An excellent pad printing machines

  • Pad printing inks

  • Proper pad printing pads

  • An Excellent pad printing plates or clichés


 Plates/Clichés making by Laser

Latest, fast and sophisticated method for accuracy in etching depth. Tampoprint NDYAG Lamp is ideal for this application. The Alfalfas-workstation WS is an ultramodern, compact individual workstation where you can inscribe many different types of components by laser. The system can be fitted with different types of laser. Read More

How to decide what pad machine to buy

The basic principal behind the pad printing technology is that the flexible rubber silicon pad picks up the image from the etched surface of ink flooded cliché and than transfer it to the component, where printing is required. more..

Pad Printing Machine

New Laser Etching 10mm Steel  Plates/Clichés:-
Very few companies are capable of producing hard plates by laser. Our laser can engrave hardened steel plates (upto 65 HRC) and clichés easily within a few minutes.
The process takes the design in any art form which is vectoriesed (Adobe Illustrator AI format). We can laser etch screen etched patches, characters, logos and even halftone images.
you are welcome to send designs which can be tested on plates.
contact: info@padprintingplatesonline.com

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